Wristhold Windshieldwiper

It is sometimes helpful to have a hand nearby to help you in case you drop the ball. In most cases, though, it is difficult to do this aesthetically. In the 3b Escape I placed onto the contactjuggling.org website, for example, I tried to keep my left hand by my side, but it jerked forward of it’s own accord when I almost dropped a ball from the right forearm. This move, however, allows you to keep a hand nearby while looking sufficiently graceful that it can be considered a move of it’s own.

Assuming you are doing the Windshieldwiper in the left hand, here is how to do it. First try it without the ball.

Hold a ball in the left palm, which is pointing left. The right hand is palm down, resting flat on the left forearm so the tips of the fingers are near the wrist.

The left hand comes up to vertical, with the right hand slipping around the front side of it so the fingers are pointing left and the thumb is at the wrist.

The left hand continues down so the ball is in the cradle. The right hand slides further down the back of the forearm and the right forearm is raised so the ball is still visible from the front.

Bring the left hand forward so the ball is on the other side of the right forearm.

Now, you simply bring the left hand back upwards to the starting position, and the right hand back around to it’s starting position.

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