Twirling Butterfly

Immediately, we see an example of the word “Butterfly” being subverted. This move does not form an infinity symbol, so technically it shouldn’t be called a Butterfly, but the word is so much nicer than Windshieldwiper, that it is used in almost all cases where the word Windshieldwiper should really go. Live with it.

Start by placing your right hand palm up, and your left hand over it palm down so they cross at the wrist. The wrists should touch at all times.

Now put the forearms together, bringing the hands up, and keeping the fingertips of the left hand as far apart from the right-hand fingertips (and vice versa) as possibly. You should end up with a ‘T’ shape.

Continue the movement of the hands so the forearms are brought apart and down again, and the hands cross each other again at the wrist, this time with the left hand palm up and the right hand palm down.

Repeat the movement in reverse to bring yourself back to the beginning again.

When you repeat this quickly, you’ll see that the hands are “twirling” around each other. This is the basis of the name “Twirling” Butterfly.

Start from the beginning again, but this time with a ball on the right palm.

Straighten the forearms out into the ‘T’ shape. The ball is still in the right hand, but moving towards the fingers.

Now, as you bring the twirl to a finish, “Butterfly” the ball over the fingertips and down into the cradle. That is the end of the first part.

From there, “Butterfly” the ball into the right palm as you straighten out the forearms again. When the ball rolls over the fingertips, you should be in the ‘T’ position again.

Continue the twirl, bringing the ball back to the original position.

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