Spined Butterfly

The butterfly motion can be performed in many different ways – this is a way to perform it in an almost flat line, using what Ferret calls a “flip-flop” to do the butterflying part of the move.

Start with a ball in the right palm, with the palm held far to the left.

Bring the palm to the right until it’s held in the normal position just to the right of the chest.

Now, bring the hand up slightly, and flip the hand under the ball so the ball rolls into the cradle.

Continue the movement of the cradle to the far right.

If you are doing this with both hands, you can either start both butterflies from opposite sides of the chest (arms crossed), or from the same side.

If you are starting both from the same side, then the hand which is on it’s own side of the body (i.e.: the left hand if you are staring on the left) starts with the ball in the cradle position, and ends up in the Palm Hold (remember that all contact juggling moves can be reversed!).

Expanding even further, you can add a third ball. Perform a 2b Spined Butterfly as above, both hands moving from the same side, but start with a third ball held in the palm-down hand. When the hands are flipping over, pass the ball from a Thumb Hold in the first hand to the second. The pass is a form of Thumb-Thumb Pass (described later in this chapter).


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