Small Ball Manipulation

Contact Juggling is nearly always done with acrylics in the size of 2 inches or larger. Seldom you see people who use smaller spheres. CJ Master Jioty does have one small acrylic which he uses to float, which is awesome, but he doesn't do any other moves with it, beside as being the fourth ball in the piramid on the head. Also awesome by the way!

Still I think it can really be an addon for your show. You can do so many things with the smaller balls. So I decided to give the smaller balls a special place on this site to give you a start!

This gif shows a nice 3 ball cascade. You can find the whole Youtube clip here. But there are just a few moves in the clip with smaller balls.

That you can do good tricks with small acrilycs is shown in this clip by Sensei Strange. His performance starts around 1 minute.



 I haven't seen this (yet) with acrylics, but I think this size of balls is a great way to complete a CJ act. The size of the ball used in this clip is 1.5 inch (4 cm).

 The next one is mostly magic, but also with some Contact Juggling and finger manipulation...

Here is a short ball manipulation video demo showcasing different ball rolls. Also 4cm balls.

Just a very short clip from 420bart with a little acrylic ball balancing on his thumb, an disappears!

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