Planebreaking Butterfly

In the original CJ book, “Contact Juggling”, James Ernest pointed out that most CJ moves seem to be in only two dimensions, and that they can be expanded into the third just by thinking about it. This is one example of that – instead of X and Y, we move the butterfly in Y and Z.

Place your right hand out, cradle upwards, and put your ball on the cradle.

Now, swing the arm up and back so the ball rolls over the fingertips to land in the palm, which is just above the right shoulder.

The hardest part of this is when you bring the ball back down – be very careful! If you make a mistake, your ball may get trapped in the curl of your fingers, and be flung straight out in front of you – destroying whatever mirror you’re practicing in front of, or smacking an audience member unexpectedly (I hope they never expect to be smacked…).

Another variation on this is the Reverse Planebreaking Butterfly, which is practically the same movement, but with the palm upwards in the beginning, and the cradle at the end held above the shoulder.


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