Palm - Back Pass

This is just the opposite of the previous pass. The ball is passed from the palm of one hand to the cradle of the other.

The most common two methods are similar to the two most common Back-Palm Passes, but in the opposite direction.

For the most common version, place your hands in line, left hand pointing left and palm up, right hand pointing left with the palm down and the fingertips touching the left heel. Pass the ball from the left hand to the right. This must be done relatively slowly; as it is difficult to correct high-speed passes in that position (the hands aren’t too maneuverable like that).

The more uncommon pass is done by placing the right hand palm down, parallel to the chest, and the left hand above it, palm up, both wrists touching. The ball passes from the right palm over the base of the thumb to the left hand. In this move, the right hand has more movement available to it, so fast passes can be corrected by raising the fingers, making the ball slow.

There is a “Baby Pass” version of this as well. The right hand is placed palm up, with the little finger next to the left armpit. The right hand is placed alongside the left forearm with the thumb pointing downish so the left index finger is fully in contact with the right forearm. The ball is rolled from the right hand along the arm to the left.

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