Outside Elbow Hold

Much harder to do than the Inside Elbow Hold, this one has a lot of possibilities. Robin Spehar, in the first video I saw of him, rolled a ball from the cradle to here, then paused in the act to hop the ball up and down there for a while. Joe DiNoto (the Golden Chicken) uses this in a strange variation of toss juggling’s “Mills Mess”.

To learn this hold, you should first feel around the area with your other hand, while tensing, untensing, and moving the arm around in small ways.

As you can see, I have let my right hand go limp in the picture. If you tense the hand, then the tendons of the arm shift and bunch in uncontrollable ways.

I balance the ball at the base of the biceps, about two inches from the audience side of the forearm.

Another interesting move, I see Robin doing very often, is to balance here, then keep the ball isolated while rolling it to the cradle, pass over the cradle to the other cradle, and do the same in reverse on the other arm.

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