Neck Loop

On, this is called an “Around the Neck Roll”, but I think a “Loop” is more evocative of what is going on here. Basically, a loop is where the ball travels from one position, rolls around something, and returns to the original position. In this move, the ball starts in the cradle, rolls to the chest, rolls round to the back of the neck, and returns to the cradle.

Congrats to Michael Glenn for creating this gem, which I would have thought is impossible beforehand. Of course, as we always say on .org, if you can imagine it, then you can do it.

Before you start this move you should be very confident of your Backarm Chestrolls, and have at least reasonable success with your Backarm Neckrolls.

Start with the ball in the right cradle (reverse, as usual, for the left hand). Roll the ball as for a Backarm Chestroll, with the roll traveling in the Chestroll route right up until it hits the middle of the chest.

Now, pass the ball onto the left upper arm, but lower the arm so the ball is more on top of it than in front.

When the ball is there, duck your head as if for a neck catch, and raise your left upper arm so the ball is passed back to the back of the neck. If you’re paying attention, you’ll notice that the ball isn’t so much passing around the neck, as the neck is passing around the ball’s route. The ball is returning in almost the exact path it used to get there in the first place.

As with a Neck Roll, concentrate on getting the ball into a solid neck hold before letting it past onto the right upper arm, raising the head and bringing the ball safely down to the right cradle.

Some people consider this to be one of the hardest commonly known contact juggling moves. I was pretty excited when I got it the first time.

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