Music is a personal choice, but whatever you like, it will help a lot with practising. Look for music that supports the rhythm of your moves and feels good to you. I ones had the world mix of Deep Forest on my iPod to practice on vacation. Great! But after a few weeks listening to the same tunes over and over it did get to much... So make sure you have enough variations. Nowadays I just look on Youtube and try to find tunes I like...

This clip is a great example how music can help you!


Get your groove on!

Now... I (Ferret) normally don't like to talk about this but, once upon a time I had a problem. (I still have Lots of problems but, I fixed this one :-) I didn't dance !!!!!!!

I didn't dance at High School events, I didn't dance at night clubs, I didn't even dance in my room, by myself, because I thought it was stupid. Sure I enjoyed listening to music, even feeling a rush of excitement­ , or a calming relaxation­ , depending on the song, but the most you would get out of me was maybe a tapping of my foot, or bobbing my head, to the rhythm. But when I discovered contact juggling, I learned the power of dance, and what I had denied myself for so many years...

The ball became my partner and not only was it not stupid, but I got to pick all the songs, and no one ever complained about my two left feet while I was learning. Many routines came from enjoying a certain song, that inspired me somehow. Made me feel good. I would grab the ball or balls and just dance to it. Often I would place a theme around a particular piece of music, and when the time came to put together a routine, I would draw upon my memory of certain inspiring pieces of music, and find one that I not only liked, but fit the bill as well.


If you don't know where to start, below are some recommendations of people from the CJ community.

Trip Hop

Electro Swing


Hansel Thorn

Hang Drum Project



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