How to create GIFs

 How to save a nice move, so you can view it endless and master it yourself...

This is just one way to make GIFs. Its the one I like best for this purpose...

I have seen hundreds of Youtube clips about Contact Juggling, and offcourse I see a lot of nice moves, all made by you, Masters of the (CJ) Universe! If the clip is, lets say, 5 minutes, and the move I like to learn is somewhere in the middle, I don't want to click and replay over and over again. I just want to see that one move I want to master... And if possible in an endless loop, so I can study it well.

The solution offcourse is an animated GIF, like the one you see here from Riel Green.

What do you need?

  • A computer with internet... Duh...
  • Instagiffer (Freeware, download
  • Youtube (the URL from the clip with the move you want to learn)


Example: and the move we want to have is between 3:05 and 3:10 minutes. I should say view the whole clip first. Dimitri is a very good Contact Juggler, in case you don't know him...

Before we start it is good to realise that you gonna cut a clip from someone else. This person(s) deserve all the credits, so I always place a link IN the GIF, together with the name of the Youtube channel. I strongly advice you to do the same.

Next: Install Instagiffer and start the program. I assume you can do that yourself.

Now go to Youtube and find the clip you want. Copy the URL and paste it in Instagiffer. Click "Load Video".

With the "Start Time" slider you can fast forward to the right moment. For finetuning you can use the other buttons (when you adjust times the program rebuffers a few seconds. This is normal).

The size and quality of the final GIF depends mostly on your other settings with the sliders and "Effects". If your selfmade GIFs are only for home use it doesn't matter, but when you want to publish you have to be aware of the sizes.

Again, don't forget the name and URL. Without them you had nothing... !!! Even with homeuse it is smart to do this. I often forget to bookmark, and with this captions you always can find the original clip or maker.

(within Captions, make the font 10 pt and Outline Thickness 0)

Just play with the finetuning of the time, until you are satisfied. You can preview the GIF on the righside.

When your are satisfied, push "Create GIF!"

After a few moments you can get a warning that the file is too big for some sites (Tumblr and/or Imgur). If you don't plan to upload your creations there your can ignore this warning (your can turn it off in the settings). After that you get to see the final GIF !!!

This GIF is default saved on your desktop as insta.gif

If you think this is the one you want, then rename it to "1B_hand_to_nose.gif" for example (otherwise it gets overwritten!). You can leave it on your desktop for quick access, of save it somewhere else. TIP: I have created a folder on my desktop where I place all the saved GIFs.

Try to maintain a certain logic in the names of your moves, and possibly create multiple folder. For example: I call alle the moves with one ball: 1B_hand_flip.gif or 1B_palm_circle.gif

When you open your folder with GIFs you probably want to get an overview right away.  Select "View" and "Extra large pictograms".