This could be thought of as the opposite of the Spiral.

Start with a ball in the cradle. Roll it along the backarm until it reaches the middle of the backarm.

Using the elbow as a pivot point, swing the arm in towards the chest so it ends up with the hand pointing palm down and held above it’s own shoulder. The ball is still in the same position.

Continue the pivot, twisting the hand palm-up so the ball rolls onto the forearm and the arm ends up pointing away from you again.

Let the ball continue its roll to the elbow.

I like to do this move, and continue with a Chestroll followed by a Spiral in the opposite arm.

It is possible, but difficult, to do multiple Helicopters – when the ball arrives on the forearm at the end of the spin, twist the arm over (hop the ball to make sure it doesn’t get knocked off), and start a new spin.

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