Headstalls & Headrolls

You wouldn't say, but your head has quite a few places where the ball can be stalled:

forehead, crown, nose bridge, orbit, sleep, ear, mouth, cheek, back of the head, neck.... etc.

The above list is not complete, but it is a start. Even on the top of your head there are several "resting places". They are often used in combinations, or rest, after which the ball continues its journey towards shoulders and arms.

Namer Golan in this clip gives you an idea how many spots you can train...

Make sure you learn the head stall right. Many contactjugglers have a "misplaced" headstall. It can take years to correct. As Dawn said on the forum "I want you all to know that I finally took the time to relearn PROPER top of the head stall. Walking straight with a ball on the head! HOORAY! That only took 8 years to correct. (Boo to learning bad technique)." However, she has made a very good tutorial on how learn it right! Thank you Dawn!


 Another good one by Kyle Johnson


Billy (LetsCJDance) working on his dent wit a 120 mm acryllic....He calls it 2.59 lbs of pure fear. Just a bit over a killo. Once he was doing a behind the neck with it and it hit him in the head so hard everything went dark and he saw purple stars. No joke!

And some more from Lucas Gardezani Abduch... subtitles are available


And at least when you have trained and master the headstall, it is good to meet friends with the same skills... You can even battle with them !!!

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