Forehead Hold

This is not a beginners’ hold. Not because I think you won't be able to do it - with a few minutes practice, I'm sure you could be walking slowly around the room with no problems!

No - it is an advanced CJer's hold because there are no simple ways to get into it. The simplest way to get into it is a toss to catch there (see Head Catch), and that is something I would refuse to teach any beginner because it is dangerous.

Anyway - assuming you are an advanced CJer, here are my thoughts on the hold.

To begin with, the ball is held just above the eyebrow muscles. Tense up your eyebrows (furrow them as if you were concentrating on something), and feel there - you will notice that with the muscles furrowed, you have a dip in the forehead - this is where the ball is held.

With practice, the ball can be held without furrowing the muscles. I'd recommend this, as a move always impresses more if it looks effortless.

Don't let the ball go below the eyebrow area - if it reaches the nose, it is difficult to get back to the forehead.

If the ball starts moving left - move your whole body further left, and turn the head slightly to the right - this will cause the ball to roll a bit to the right - correcting the error. If it rolls to the right, of course, just reverse these instructions.

If the ball starts rolling down towards the face, step slightly forward and lean your head further back. If it starts rolling further up the forehead, step slightly back and straighten up a bit.

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