Flow art

Contactjuggling is a Flow art. Of course its not the only flow art, but curtainly one of the nicest to see, and to do!

Define flow art: Individuals who practice object manipulation with props such as a hula-hoop(s), poi, or contact-balls. They are similar to jugglers, and may even use bowling-pins and the like, except their primary goal is to achieve a meditative mental state called "flow" rather than just entertain.

Flow artists tend to display their skills at music festivals, burns, and public parks.

Show me some CJ flow art !

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Flow, the poem

The most beautiful and moving things in life convey their truth without words,
There is an authentic human rawness that hums right beneath our conscious thought streams,
A universal magic that has the ability to condense the tribulations and emotions of an entire history into one crystalized moment,
Ready to spring forth from the tall helix grass of our DNA,
Waits a mellifluous dance that lacks allegiance to any form yet is gratefully akin to them all,

Poised with the infinite possibility of stillness...

When released it is a river of sweet liquid fire,
To touch it is to bathe in unbiased love and ever~expanding wisdom,
It's blissful rapture immolates the illusions of time and space and every breath, each tiny moment unfolds with the effortless certainty of ancient geometry,

Many grasp fiercely for it, but alas, treasure hunters will find themselves disappointed,

The key hole unlocks only for the heart of a playful child,

If we trust ourselves,
If we surrender control,
If we are bravely transparent in our pristine prismatic individuality,
Finally, ... we are ready to share our luminescence with us all,

Our long kindled spark ignites! We are truly children of the stars!

I definitely see flow in this clip!

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