Floating ball

The floating ball seems to be one of the most magical moves to show your public. You have to keep some points in mind if you use this one:

You get the best effect when your public is in front of you

Don't use it to much. It must be a surprise!

Only do it for a very short time. A few seconds is enough. If you show it, they have to think "WTF?", but don't give them the time to analyze it, otherwise the magic is gone...


Of course the ball is not floating. You can create this illusion by holding the ball with one ringfinger and the thumb of the other hand. Don't keep it still, but keep it in motion. Practice in front of a mirror.

To enhance the magical effect you can start this move with a concentrating face as if you want to move a rock (or a ball) with your thoughts... Another add-on is to take a deep breath and blow to the ball. In the  same time your open your hands, so it almost looks like you blow the ball away...

Vincent TCHENG CHANG  (below) gives a very good example to practice the lightness of the ball. He says:

"This kind of Isolation is what i really love to work with in Contact Juggling. While practicing, i have found what i think is a right way about how to hold and more easily manage the weight : keep in mind the geometry of the sphere and always place fingertips at the antipodal points" - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antipodal_point


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