the Enigma comes in different variations, but is really one of the basic moves. The clip from Kinetic Circus gives you a good overview.

We begin with a clip from Thomas Waymouth. He explains very well how to practice this basic move. In short:

- place two fingers on the top, and two fingers on the bottom

- lift your thumb of the top, and your finger of the bottom

- now roll the ball forward half a rotation

- your thumb (from below) goes up BEHIND the ball

- your finger (from the top) goes down IN FRONT of the ball

- start again

Practice this until it works fluent. This is called the vertical enigma.

Paul van Kinetic Circus shows the different variations of the Enigma.

He starts with the same Enigma as Thomas, but horizontal instead of vertical.

The variations are:

- Enigma Pops (for "popping" the ball)

- Enigma Radgits (for creating stairs)

- Enigma Stairs (another kind of stairs)

- Enigma Turns (90 or 180 degrees hand turnl)

- Enigma Floats (a thumb clamp causes a floating effect)

- Enigma Pulse (an Enigma Pop variation)


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