Elbowhold Windshieldwiper

This is just like the Wristhold move, except the right hand is further down towards the left elbow and doesn’t move as much.

Start with the left hand as before. This time, the right hand rests on the inside of the left elbow.

Butterfly the left hand out until the ball is in the palm. All this while, the right hand remains at the base of the left biceps.

Stretch the Windshieldwiper further left and slide the right hand around the right side of the elbow until its fingers are touching the outside of the elbow (the pointy bit).

Butterfly the left hand in so the hand drops down inside the loop created by the right arm.

Raise the right elbow and dip the left hand further down so you can then bring the left hand forward to the outside of the right arm, and slide the left hand back to the base of the biceps.

You can also do this move in the opposite direction, so the ball comes up through the loop, but I think the way I have described is easier to learn.

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