Visual Encyclopedia of Contact Juggling

Matt Olson - 2006

Four parts:

Part 1 - Contact Basics - 1 hour 25 minutes


Part 2 - Palm Spinning - 1 hour 55 minutes


Part 3 - Body Rolling

Part 4 - Advanced Palm Spinning - 1 hour 51 minutes

Matt Olsen is a master in the art of Contact Juggling. These 4 DVD's cover every part of Contact Juggling. Matt's lessons take you from the beginners level to expert level. They are sold in different shops, and also on Amazon for around 25 euro's each.

Sphereplay - Art of the Sphere

[Amazon.com_ Sphereplay_ Art of the Sphere with Michael Glenn (Contact Juggling).jpg]

On this DVD 40 differtent moves by Michael Glenn. In about 30 minutes he shows his technics and moves, which some not often are seen on Youtube. With a short explanation, slow motion and close ups he gives you a good view how moves are build up.

Michael uses only 1 ball, so no multiball technics. The DVD isn't mend for real beginners. The moves shown in this DVD are for the ones who already have some basic CJ experience.

There are some extras on the DVD. In the bonus section you can see that even the most skilled persons fail sometime... Even Michael Glenn sometimes has slippery hands! You can als see some other Contact Jugglers with different styles.

Onder andere te koop via Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Sphereplay-Sphere-Michael-Contact-Juggling/dp/B0048LZ1QU

Contact - Tyas Frantz

[CONTACT Starring Tyas Frantz.jpg]

Als ik een DVD van zo'n 25 euro koop mag ik verwachten hierop de dingen te vinden waarmee hij wordt aangeprezen. Helaas blijkt deze DVD niet aan de verwachtingen te voldoen. De Contact Juggler Tyas Frantz presenteert op gebrekkige wijze in sneltreinvaart een aantal moves met 1, 2 en 3 ballen. Er worden wel enkle basis moves getoond, maar dit is echt minimaal. Ondanks dat de acryl ballen tegen een stootje kunnen is het ook vreemd dat de opnames plaatsvinden op een parkeerplaats. In één van de bonusfilmpjes zijn de uitlatingen van Tyas over Contact Juggling ook niet om over naar huis te schrijven... De gehele DVD lijkt dan ook meer als een snelly "money maker" gemaakt te zijn. Mijn advies is dan ook om een andere DVD te kopen voor dit geld!

Lees de omschrijving, maar vooral ook de reviews op: http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/1318

In Isolation

Sphereplay - Playing in the MultiSphere


[Playing in the Multisphere front.jpg] [Playing in the Multisphere back.jpg]

This Two-Disc Deluxe Edition is a comprehensive guide to rolling and spinning multiple spheres in your hands. Learn over 100 moves and concepts with 2 to 5 spheres.

What happens when 15 Sphereplayers with diverse styles and experience get together for a week of sharing moves, teaching and playing? They create an exceptionally cool DVD that has something for everyone. Whether you are just starting or looking to learn more, all you need is this DVD and some spheres.

Hosted by Sphereplay specialists Michael Glenn and Rich Shumaker, Sphereplay - Playing in the MultiSphere is a playful way to learn about dexterity, fludity and balance.

Whatever your age, take some time to play and have fun discovering your own unique style of Sphereplaying.

Running time: Approximately 240 minutes. Region-free DVD.

Interactive language subtitle options:
English, Spanish, Japanese, French, German and Mandarin Chinese.


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