There are three basic ways to “hold” a ball on the back of the hand.

The first is simply known as the "cradle". Hold your right hand out in front of you, fingers together, and palm facing the ground. Lower the middle finger to form a groove. Place your ball in that groove. The little finger may raise slightly – that's okay. This is also known as the "three-finger cradle", as three fingers support the ball.

The second is the cradle that I prefer – the "two-finger cradle", so called that because the ball is balanced on two fingers. Place your hand in front of you in cradle position, fingers together. Form a slight 'V' between the index and middle fingers. Balance the ball there. This cradle solves some little problems with the windshieldwiper and similar moves. Make sure not to exaggerate the 'V', as it is hard to correct later!

The third is used by a few CJers on the site, and is known as the "Vulcan cradle", after the Vulcan greeting gesture in Star Trek. Place your hand as in the two-finger cradle position, but form the 'V' with the middle and ring fingers. Personally, I find this to be awkward to use, but I'm sure there are people that will find it useful if they have trouble with the others.

More advanced holds on the back of the hand include holding the ball right behind the knuckles of the first and second fingers (between the tendons), holding between the little finger’s first knuckle and the ring finger, and holding between the thumb’s knuckle, the base of the thumb and the first finger’s knuckle. You will most likely never get to use these, though – unless you come up with some very outlandish moves - in which case, submit them to to share them with the world!.

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