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This site is created to share the knowledge of Contactjuggling with as many people as possible. I do not intend to have all the information from myself. Most of it I found elsewhere. Wherever possible, I share the source with you and recommand you to visit them.

Do you have information or ideas you want to share with me? Don't hesitate to contact me!

Send your mail to tom @ (remove the spaces)

A little part about myself.

I live in the Netherland, near Rotterdam, with wife and children. My son and daughter are already grown up, so you can figure out that I am not the youngest anymore (born 1963). My lungcapacity is very low, so I have almost no endurance / aerobic capacity. Sport such as tennis, running, climbing, etc. are not an option for me.

Contactjuggling is something I started since July 2013. Yet not so long. However, I am so excited, that I decided to create this website. Contactjuggling you can do in you own pace, and make just as hard as you want. It is not a competitive sport, although I like to get better all the time. You can develop your own style. Some are good in stalls, while other combine with dance. Awesome right?


You can discover more about a

person in an hour of play than

in a year of conversation...


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