Clip of the week

Clip of the week


Sometimes you see a clip that is really worth to share with others. It can be a new one, but also older clips. On this page I show you "the clip of the week"

Contact Juggler from down under
Truly inspirational to see this children happy... But there is more !!! Make sure to visit this website:


Truan Mathias - 'Truan and Barry'

See Truan perform in the BA Hons ensemble, 'Polymer', 6-8 July 2015:

Performed as part of the National Centre for Circus Arts BA Hons devised pieces 2015, 'Air/Water'.


Older clips...

A very nice clip from 420bart, which demonstrates the extra dimension of UV acrylics...

Sensei Strange demonstrates a union of his spirtual paths: Aikido, Contact Manipulation, Kenjitsu, Magic, and Mysticism. Although this is a clip from 2007, it shows that CJ is so much more than just juggling...


Just found this little vid on my phone from August :)At the opening of Mighty Jambo Trust's outreach centre in Nyeri, making the most of every spare moment for skill sharing and play.Lichi Sánchez - AmbassadorNico Rivera - AmbassadorMarco Paoletti - DirectorCraig Quat - AmbassadorGonzalo Borgogno Cuete Pelota - AmbassadorKenya Open Circle 2015 Project, Viktor Kee Foundation

Posted by Irene Harvey on dinsdag 15 september 2015

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