Chop Roll

An extreme form of arm roll is the Chop Roll. It may help to learn this in a point-to-point manner.

Start with the ball held on the Elbow Hold. The hand is held in a chop position (knife-edge down, thumb up).

Roll the ball down to the hand, so it ends up in an Open Fist Hold. To do this, you’ll have to roll along the edge of the forearm, almost onto the backarm – the tendon from thumb to arm and the wrist bone tend to be a it bumpy.

From there, bring the forearm straight up so the ball is in a Stretched Three Finger Hold.

Carry on from that so the hand goes back behind the head, and the ball rolls down the backarm to rest on the extreme opposite of the Elbow Hold. It is easy to balance here as it is very flat, but getting into a position to use the hold is a bit awkward.

From there, “simply” roll back up the arm, over the fingertips, and back to the Elbow Hold. It may help to sort of toss the ball upwards from the elbow before starting the chop motion required to bring the ball over and back to the starting position.