What's in a name?

Just a little video about the philosophy of play by Micheal Glenn, and our history and some thoughts about Fushigi, Contact Juggling and Sphereplay (tm). They recorded this on their deck on a lovely sunny day in august 2010, two days before they found out that Fushigi is hijacking their Sphereplay(tm) trademark. For your information, they want your to know: "We are in no way affiliated with Fushigi or Zoom TV".
And: "If you like what we do and want to support us, please visit www.sphereplay.com or www.tryouttoys.com. Thanks to Thom for being awesome and Thanks to you for watching!"

Names for Contact Juggling are Flow Art, Dynamic Manipulation, Sphereplay, Orb Rolling, Multisphere. At this moment Contact Juggling or Contactjuggling seems to be the most common terms, but remember if you search in Google or Youtube you can also try these other terms...

I have searched for the term "camelbacking" as Glenn mentioned, but can't find any source.

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