The butterfly is named after a hand motion used in some Middle-East dances where the hands intertwine and wave as if fluttering in the wind.

The butterfly is an extension of the windshieldwiper. In the windshieldwiper, there are two end-points on the arc that the ball follows. We simply smooth the movement out by removing those end points, forming an infinity symbol. Moving your elbow will greatly help you with this move.

Imagine a large figure "8" lying on it's side floating in front of you (an infinity symbol).

Your ball starts on the bottom of the left loop, in the cradle. The ball then travels to the top of the right loop, where it goes over the fingertips to end up at the bottom of the right loop in the palm.

From there, you pull the ball to the top of the left loop, where it goes over the fingertips to end up in the starting position again.

Remember that at all times the ball is moving right, the ball should be in the cradle, and at all times while moving left, the ball should be in the palm of the hand. Good movement of the elbow will help you here, so limber up!

The butterfly can be reversed, but there is little benefit to it – the average audience member will not notice the difference.

Note: “Butterfly” is also used as a verb to describe the rolling of the ball from the palm to cradle and vice-versa, no matter how the movement is accomplished.

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