Back - Palm Pass

There are two basic forms of back-palm passes.

For the most common form, place your right hand in front of you pointing to the left, palm down, and a ball in the cradle. Place the left hand so it’s pointing the same direction, palm up, with the heel of the hand touching the right hand’s fingertips. This is kind of an awkward position, but it can be adapted to more comfortable positions after it’s learned. Simply pass the ball along the fingers to the left palm.

For a more comfortable form of the above move, place your hands in the beginning position again, then, keeping the heel and fingertips together, move the left hand forward. You’ll find that the angle becomes less awkward, yet the look of the move hasn’t degraded. This version of the back-palm pass is used in the “horizontal circle”.

In the less common one, the ball is passed from the cradle back up the arm and off at the wrist to the other palm.

The first form is good for large movements, and can be performed slowly, even “isolated”. The second is good for tight, or quick, movements, and is good for passing during “twirling butterflies” parts of your routine.

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