Back - Back Walkaway

This move is based on a variant of the Back-Back pass, and looks best when isolated.

Start with a ball on the right cradle, hand pointing forwards.

Place the left hand in front of the right and roll the ball onto it so at passes onto the back of the left hand and rolls to it’s cradle.

Now, repeat the same move onto the right hand. You will need to step forward to be comfortable with this.

The move can then be repeated over and over, all the while walking forward. The effect is that the ball is “walking away”, hence Walkaway.

This move can also be isolated – the ball stays still, and the hands are pulled from under it, keeping the same movements of the hands, but the ball doesn’t move. This gives the effect that the ball is floating, which is a point of all isolations.

You can also reverse the move, so the ball is actually coming back towards you. In this case, you start with the ball on a cradle, and roll the ball backwards, picking it up with the opposite cradle. If done right, this makes the ball appear as if it’s moving smoothly along a path which is being created as it moves.

If you reverse this move, it becomes the Back-Back Walktowards (imaginative naming scheme!).

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