Armroll to Shoulder Hold

This is just a roll along the arms ending at the shoulder.

The Backarm Roll seems to be the most aesthetic one for long rolls, so use that one.

There are two main areas in which the ball can be stopped – between the clavicle and the trapezius (the huge muscle covering the shoulder blade), and between the clavicle and pectoral muscle.

The first one is difficult to get out of – the ball is essentially stuck there unless you either jerk it out with a body movement, or nudge it out with your chin.

The second one can be used to go either back down the same arm, across the chest into a chest roll, over the shoulder towards the back of the neck, or down the body to your legs.

James Ernest used this move as an example of “serendipity” – that even mistakes can be used to form new moves (he was practicing chest rolls, and the ball halted above the clavicle).

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