About Fushigi

Some things has to be told about Fushigi...

By 2000, there were many resources available for contact jugglers, such as clubs, books, festivals, videos/DVDs, and balls specifically manufactured for contact juggling. Zoom TV’s John Cammarano, who stumbled upon contact juggling on the Internet, redesigned the plain acrylic balls used by performing jugglers in years past to enhance the illusion of a floating ball and improve balance and control (which failed big time as you can read a little further). In 2010, the Zoom TV direct-marketing company of Boca Raton (Florida) began selling an acrylic contact juggling ball, embedded with a steel core to create the illusion of floating. They named this product Fushigi, meaning "mysterious" in Japanese. In order to meet demand, Zoom TV entered into an agreement with Ideavillage, another direct marketing company.

  “I’m using you to make money and devalue your artistic skill and I don’t care!”

John Cammarano told that he had never seen contact juggling until January of 2010. He was already a very successful direct marketer, with several products already on the market. Within a month of seeing his first contact juggling performance on Youtube, Cammarano had created a brand name- Fushigi, a Japanese word meaning “beauty and mystery”- and was shooting a commercial.

Kenny Toombs became the self proclaimed “Face of Fushigi”- he’s the guy on the box).



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