7 Days of Multiball

 The biggest multiball contact juggling tutorial series on the internet.

7 Days of Multiball is a tutorial series for multiball contact juggling. Each day of the series is one hour of lessons, improvisations and insight on multiball contact juggling techniques, taught by Ryan Mellors (Ministry of Manipulation / Piryokopi / Runway Studios)

The tutorial package was officially released on August 7th 2014, and there have already been additions.


Registration and more info at: http://ryanmellors.wix.com/isoshop#!video/cjg9

What does Ryan know about multiball?:

  • I have been exploring multiball contact for over 12 years. During that time I have hunted down nearly all of the 'legends of multiball', Tony Duncan, Moon, Drew, Pich, Mr. Om, Kelvin, Okotanpe, Yorgos, Jago, Ed and others.. to learn from and build friendships that have lasted years... I am putting the word out to the masters of the discipline, expect a few guest appearances during the week!

  • Multiball contact is a style of juggling which is rare and still unexplored. I help run www.contactjuggling.org, and I was involved in the editing of Drews 'Multiball Contact' book, but i still feel the community needs a strong video comprehensive tutorial focusing on techniques for spinning.

  • I love teaching for video. My short hoop iso tutorial has made an immediate impact on the students who have worked through it, and my recent advanced multiball tutorial (flowers and 3 layer pyramids) has helped advanced multiballers unlock a whole new world of technique.


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