3B Spit

Ok, this isn't really a 3 ball move, although you can't  do this move with an one ball CJ act... If you look at the other Youtube clips from Pooh1981, you will see that he has a whole routine. Its almost impossible to do this move while you are freestyling. You have to know whats your next move in advance...

As you can see he is doing a sidewards palmspin. Before even starting he has put the third ball just behind his leg, out of view. With his lefthand he grabs it, but makes sure that the public is focused on the palmspin. Of course the ball in the lefthand must stay hidden, until the spit.

(also look at his other move, which shows the appearance of the second ball)

All credits go to Pooh1981
(this move is around 0:36 seconds)

You can find the original videoclip here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYNNBUCt3B8


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